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3 Health Reasons to Soundproof Your Home

Woman Covering Her Ears From Noise

If your home is bombarded with sounds from the surrounding neighborhood, you may feel that the constant noise is only a mild irritant. However, exposure to excessive noise throughout the day and night could adversely affect your overall health. You should consider soundproofing your home to help block out the exterior sounds for several reasons, including these three that affect your health.

1. Affects Your Hearing

One area of your health that constant background noise can affect is your hearing. When your eardrums are continuously impacted by background sounds, the eardrums never have a chance to rest.
Not only does this result in their overuse, but too many sounds can desensitize your ears' ability to discern different tones and sounds. This desensitization could then result in some degree of hearing loss.
The noises outside of your home are not the only ones that can adversely affect your hearing. If the road traffic or neighbor's constant noises are so loud that you cannot hear your television or stereo, you may find that you turn up the volumes on the devices.
When you turn the devices up so you can drown out the outside sounds, you are increasing the number of decibels that your ears are exposed to. When you expose your ears to these increased decibels, you could be damaging your hearing.
If this continues for months or even years, you could experience permanent hearing loss. Drowning out the exterior noise by ensuring your home is properly insulated can form a sound barrier to minimize the outside noise. Then, you would not have to turn up the volume so loud and risk damaging your ears.

2. Increases Your Blood Pressure

Your hearing is not the only thing that can be affected by your noisy neighborhood. Constant background noise can also end up giving you high blood pressure.
Even if you are able to block out the incessant noise from your home's surrounding area, your subconscious mind will still try to process what your ears are picking up. Although you may not realize the effect the noise has, the noise may be putting you in a constant state of alertness, increasing your stress levels. If your stress levels are consistently high, you may have an increase in your blood pressure.
Especially if you have never had issues with your blood pressure in the past and you do not partake of any habits that could increase the number, you may want to consider the noise your environment is exposing you. If the noise is problematic, you may want to consider soundproofing your home.

3. Disrupts Your Sleep Patterns

Along with potentially raising your blood pressure, the increased levels of stress you experience when exposed to constant noise can disrupt your sleep patterns. When your brain and body are on high alert, you may find it difficult to fall asleep.
Even if you are a sound sleeper, your sleeping brain will still try to process the noises in the background. While your brain is working, you may not be able to reach a deep state of slumber.
As a result, you may find that you are overly tired during the day as if you are living in a haze. This lack of deep sleep could then affect your emotional health because you are not getting enough sleep could make you irritable for no reason. After a while, this impact on your sleeping patterns could lead to depression. 
Without adequate insulation to soundproof your home, you and your family's health could be at risk from the constant outside noise of your neighborhood. Contact Spray Foam Tech LLC. to discuss any available options for soundproofing your walls and taking a step towards protecting the health of your household.