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Top Seven Reasons to Have Spray Foam Insulation Installed in Your Home

During the freezing winter months or the height of a sweltering summer, it is not uncommon to dread paying your utility bills. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling a home accounts for 48% of all energy a household uses. In many cases, the amount of energy used is higher than it needs to be because homes are not properly insulated.
Spray foam is a type of insulation that is made by mixing together unique liquid components that become foam when they react. This material is known for providing continuous insulation while also sealing out air; spray foam is often used within walls, roofs, and crawlspaces. There are many reasons to consider having spray foam insulation installed in your home, such as:
Have Spray Foam Insulation Installed in Your Home

Unmatched Insulating Power

A variety of materials have been used for residential insulation over the years, but none of them have created air-tight seals that prevent cold air from seeping in during the winter and hot air slowly heating up a house in the summer. When spray foam insulation is installed, it quickly expands into the space, which means every nook and cranny becomes tightly sealed.

In addition to creating an air-tight seal after installation, spray foam insulation is designed to help maintain the interior temperature of a house without constantly needing to run the air conditioner or heater.

Save Money

While having spray foam insulation installed in your walls, crawlspace, and along your roof can require an upfront financial investment, you will most likely save a lot of money in the long run because you will see a drastic reduction in your utility bills. As a result of spray foam insulation's superior thermal insulation properties and resistance to air flow, the Department of Energy estimates that this type of insulation can reduce a building's energy loss by nearly 50%.

When you have spray foam insulation installed in your home, you will no longer have to worry about your valuable heated or cooled air flowing out of your house.

Barrier Against Moisture

Moisture is a major enemy of your home. Small cracks or holes in the walls or roof can allow moisture indoors, and damage can be occurring without your knowledge. Spray foam insulation creates a strong seal around any cracks or holes that you may have in your home, and the compounds used to create spray foam are impermeable to water.

Mold Deterrent

The spray foam used today to insulate homes does not contain any organic material that mold or mildew can feed on. As a result, having spray foam installed in your home is an excellent way to prevent mold or mildew from growing inside your walls or in your attic.

Extended Life-Span

Unlike other types of insulation material, spray foam insulation does not lose its efficiency or begin to break down as it ages. When you choose to invest in spray foam insulation for your home, you can count on it providing superior thermal insulation for many years to come. It is estimated that spray foam can last for the life of a building without any problems, so after installation, you won't have to worry about upgrading the insulation again.


When you're concerned with reducing your household's carbon footprint, having spray foam insulation is an excellent decision. As soon as spray foam insulation is installed, you will drastically reduce the amount of energy that you use. In addition, spray foam insulation lasts indefinitely, which means that it will never end up in a landfill.

If you're considering upgrading the insulation in your home with spray foam insulation, we invite you to contact Spray Foam Tech, LLC! We have been helping homeowners since 2003, and we look forward to assisting you in drastically reducing your home's energy bill.