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Retrofit Insulation in Elk River and Minnesota

Update Your Classic

It is estimated that 65% of homes in America are poorly insulated. Older homes have many charming features, but aging and antiquated insulation is not one of them. Whether wads of newspaper were used when the house was originally built or nothing at all, you can make your vintage residence healthy and comfortable no matter what temperature it is outside.

Remodeling Your Structure

Whether an attic re-do or a complete home remodel, renovating your home or structure is the perfect time to install new, energy-saving insulation. We specialize in vac-outs and re-insulation of attic spaces, walls and roof areas.
Retrofit Insulation

Stop Your Heat From Escaping

Heat loss can happen anywhere in your home. Typically, 24% of your home’s heat escapes from your attic and roof areas, 20% through your windows, 15% into the ground and a whopping 35% through the walls. (The remaining heat loss is carried away by drafts from open doors, etc.)
If you live in an older house, like most Americans, your high-energy bill likely reflects outdated insulation, leaking ducts and poorly insulated attic and basement areas. You can reduce your monthly bill by up to 50% with modern, energy-efficient insulation.

Customized Installation, Friendly Services

We will take the time to inspect your property, find cracks and openings in your current insulation and customize our procedures to your specific structure to maximize your energy savings. Moreover, if you choose spray foam, the material expands into the hard-to-get areas and fills in any holes and openings that cause drafts and water seepages.
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