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Soundproof Your Home With Quality Insulation

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Imagine peace and quiet as you relax after a long day and an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Imagine if cars didn’t rev their engines down your street, your neighbors didn’t throw loud parties and planes didn’t fly overhead. Imagine complete, wonderful silence.

You cannot control the sources of noise around your home, but you can control whether the sounds around you disrupt your routine and rest.

Sound Proofing

How the Sound Gets In

Air cavities and hollow spaces in your home walls and ceilings conduct noise from outside. You can fill these enclosed areas with insulation that is specially made to dampen and reduce sound transfer. Just like the walls of a drum resonate a beat, your walls reverberate with exterior blasts, bangs and babble.

Soundproofing Your Space

You can create the perfect retreat for yourself where you can refuel and sleep in tranquility. Insulation which contains small air pockets, like open-cell foam or fiberglass, are excellent dampeners to sound. The tiny openings within these varieties of insulation reduce the force of noise resonance, which lessens noise volume and interruptions.

Moreover, we use dampening products such as specialty glues and calks at the fissures and cracks between joists, framing and other interior wall features. Our processes make your home the haven you’ve always wanted. Call us today for service in Elk River and other areas in Minnesota.